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Perforated stretch film.

Our stretch film with macro-perforation (perforated stretch film) is extremely tear-resistant and is available both as machine film and for manual use as hand stretch film.

Perforated stretch film protects and keeps fresh:
The macro-perforated film is used where air needs to circulate and condensation needs to escape. Applications include, for example, the packaging of plants or beverages.
Products that are filled and packaged hot and then cooled down often cause condensation, which – if it cannot escape – can lead to mold growth, e.g. on labels. You can prevent this with our perforated stretch film.

  • Reduction of film consumption by up to 40%
  • Reduction in disposal, storage and transportation costs
  • Pallets retain their shape better
  • Can be produced individually for your application
  • Protects your product from dust, dirt and moisture
  • More safety with sharp-edged loads
  • Favorable cost-benefit ratio
  • Food and pharmaceutical compliant
  • UV-stable and absorbent
  • VCI (corrosion protection)
  • Different adhesion or bonding effects (e.g. strong adhesion on one or both sides)
  • Different color variants (RAL colors)
  • Dimensions from 50 to 2500mm
  • Thicknesses from 7 to 50µm
  • With and without pre-deterrence
  • As standard, power and superpower

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