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Social Engagement.

War, violence, poverty and social deprivation are the biggest problems of our society.
This often affects the most vulnerable members among us – children.
That is why we support with our donations projects such as GTK Scotti Kinderglück e.V.

Values such as respect, tolerance and fair play are anchored in our guidelines and accompany us in our day-to-day activities. There are few better ways to teach these values to young people and help them develop as individuals than through team sports.
For this reason, we support the youth teams of various sports clubs.

We are sponsoring partner of DSC Arminia

We currently support the soccer club DSC Arminia Bielefeld.

More information at:

We are sponsoring partner of TuS Jöllenbeck

We are happy to support TuS Jöllenbeck as a sponsoring partner again this year.

We are a member of the association Scotti Kinderglück e.V. which we support monthly.

The goals of GTK Scotti Kinderglück e.V. (not only at Christmas time)

the promotion of socially disadvantaged children and their families and the promotion of equal opportunities among children (especially in the Herford district)
the support and promotion of non-profit projects in the field of education and social integration (especially in the district of Herford)
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